Our Objectives

Any legal complaint is only as strong as the evidence it is based on. We are in the process of collating first hand witness testimonies in relation to the many allegations of human rights violations being made in Pakistan.

We have instructed our lawyers to assist in collating and submitting evidence to the United Nations and Governments across the world in order to raise the very many serious human rights violations at the highest international level.

We have also instructed our legal team to provide lawyers, journalists and other individuals direct legal support in Pakistan and elsewhere to ensure that their rights are asserted and protected.

Citizens Against State Torture has instructed Bindmans LLP, a leading London based human rights law firm who have experience in seeking justice for those subject to the most horrendous political crimes around the world.

Bindmans LLP will lead a legal team consisting of leading internationally recognised lawyers to intervene in cases which violate human rights and international law in Pakistan.

We are a group of medics, lawyers and human rights activists who have come together to form Citizens Against State Torture (CAST). 

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